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The Glory of God is Humanity Fully Alive!


Jesus Christ Foundation headquartered in the beautiful kingdom of the Netherlands. JCF is a multicultural Church believing in the Biblical principles and the power of Pentecost, which comes through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the believers of Jesus Christ in order to bring forth individual and societal transformation.

Join us every Sunday and celebrate God and Humanity together!

Come and join our service every Sunday

from 10:15 to 13:00 hrs at De Kandelaar,

Bijlmerdreef 1239 TX Amsterdam






WELCOME TO JCF Church Tel. +31.6.39 38 1741

Our Theme

We all are the rainbow children of God. We are different but have one God, we speak different languages, but have one Christ, we all have different colors but believe in one Bible. As followers of Christ, we do not judge others but love! Even when they are from another faith, or have no faith at all, we unconditionally love them. We try to be Christ-like believers, though we are aware that we are not perfect, full of shortcomings and mistakes, yet God through His grace loves us and gives us many chances.

Therefore the theme of our church is to love people, as much as we can, within our human and fallen ability, and welcome them in the family of God, regardless who they are, what they. We try to show the unconditional love of Christ.

Based on this crucial foundation of Christian faith, JCF church emphasize on helping the migrants to find themselves in the Dutch society, and in the Kingdom of God. Therefore JCF is strongly emphasizing on Social and Biblical Justice for marginals in the society, specially the Migrants.


Important Info

For Appointments +31.6.39 38 1741


This video is an extract from the full version video, made by GoForth 2014 Singapore, where Dr. Samuel Lee was one of the Keynote speakers.

Thanks to GoForth 2014, we are able to show this video. Watch and be blessed.


Download this card, print it out!  Then, write down the names of your loved ones, friends, colleagues you want to pray for!

Rule #1 Pray for them without judging them!

Rule #2 Pray for them everyday

Rule #3 Bless them in your prayers

Rule #4 Just listen to them and be there for them.

Rule #5 Encourage them, through a phone call, email or messenger

Download JCF Prayer Card here...